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Boise Rolfing & Trauma Release

Release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma.

TraumaRelease™ Therapy (TRT) is a system of manual therapy, myofascial release techniques, derived from Rolfing at our Boise deep muscle massage clinic. It works specifically treat common work-related myofascial and repetitive motion pain and injuries.  TRT™ is a combination of myofascial release techniques and aggressive stretching. By applying deep muscle and trauma massage at our Boise clinic, our team uses TRT™ to effectively treats painful myofascial and musculoskeletal injuries quickly and safely, to restorenormal tissue function, elasticity and give pain relief.    TRT™ techniques and our Boise Rolfing massage practices are dramatically more effective than traditional medical modalities used by occupational medicine in the treatment of upper and lower–extremity muscular injuries.

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What is Trauma Release Therapy?

Individuals seeking relief from physical and emotional tension have access to various modalities, each offering unique approaches to promote healing…

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